How To Make Solar Battery Box For Camping Or Survival With Enough Power To Run A Portable Fridge 4-5 Days

Here’s a solar battery box that could be used for camping, survival, or if your power goes out. This solar batter packs enough juice to power up a portable fridge for up to 5 days before needing to recharge.

This unit can power just about anything that runs on 12 volts, from USB devices, to camping light batteries, air pumps for air mattresses, C-PAP machines via the included A/C inverter.

The battery box itself is designed to stay dry should it rain thus protecting the electronics.

This is easy to make, put don’t let that fool you, it works very well. There were 2 previous versions to this particular solar battery box. This one was the best of the 3. As you will see in the video this packs some pretty good power.


Watch This Video And Learn How To Recondition Old / Dead Batteries That You Can Use In The Solar Battery Box You Just Learned How To Make


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