It Looks So Strange; New Stealth Paint For Survivalists, And Preppers?

New stealth paint for survivalist, and preppers?

A compamy called Surrey Nanosystems thinks they have stumbled onto something called Vantablack that they feel the defense, and space industries would like to get their hands on.

It seems they may be right as they are not even allowed to talk about possible uses by the military. However, it appears there may be even more ways to use Vantablack. Some of the uses include  increasing the effectiveness of astronomical cameras, telescopes and infrared scanning systems.

Technical director of Surrey Nanosystems Ben Jensen said “You expect to see the hills and all you can see … it’s like black, like a hole, like there’s nothing there. It just looks so strange,” as reported in The Independent.

Here are some possible applications of Vantablack for preppers, and survivalists:

  • Bug Out vehicles
  • Tactical Gear, clothing and attire
  • Bug out shelter (if located in an already dark area)
  • Weapons

We’d like to hear some of the uses for Vantablack you can come up with.

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