Government Sponsored Food Dump Of 248 Gallons Of Milk And Breaking 1200 Eggs Meant To Send Us A Clear Message

This wasn’t widely reported in the mainstream news media, however The Michigan Dept. of Agriculture made the owners of Hill High Dairy, and My Family Co-op to discard 248 gallons of organic milk, and throw away 100 dozen eggs along with fresh cream, butter and cheese.

This came after alleging that they were selling food with no license. The problem with that is their farms are a co-op where people must buy shares to receive their food.

This story just goes to show the lengths the government will go to, to try and prove a point no matter what the cost or misery it may cause. Was this really necessary?

 The government-sponsored dump of nearly $5,000 of milk, eggs, butter, and cream from Michigan’s My Family Co-Op yesterday carried a very clear and powerful political message to all Americans: We control your food and we don’t like you buying your food outside the corporate food system.

Every now and then, we are going to remind you of what bad children you are being by taking your food and throwing it in the garbage.

In fact, we are going to do more than remind you, we are going to completely humiliate you by preventing you from even feeding it to farm animals and instead forcing it to be disposed of in a landfill or dumpster. 

It’s the same message that was communicated in Minnesota when the regulators seized food from Michael Hartmann and Alvin Schlangen in 2011. And in California in 2010 and 2011, when the regulators twice took food from Rawesome Food Club.

And in Wisconsin in 2010 when the regulators threw blue dye into Vernon Hershberger’s raw milk. And in Florida in 2012, when regulators confiscated $45,000 worth of food going to half a dozen food clubs in that state (described in Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Food Rights), and forced the farmers who produced it to pay $2,000 in dumping fees to have it thrown in a landfill.

And in Oregon in 2011 when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration sought personal legal penalties against Kelli and Anthony Estrella of Estrella Family Creamery for the high crime of feeding condemned cheese to farm animals, as if to say, the humiliation must be complete. 

And the message first communicated in Michigan in 2006 when the state confiscated and disposed of $8,000 of raw milk from farmer Richard Hebron (and forced him as well to pay a $1,000 fine).  To read the full article go to:


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