How To Make A $200 Survival Water Filtration System For $35 That’s Fast, Easy To Make, And Works Great!

It’s very important to always have clean drinkable water as part of your food storage plan in case of an emergency. However what would you do when that supply runs out?

Being able to make one of these water filtration systems will come to your rescue. We’ve seen water filters that maybe aren’t as good as this one for $200, and more.

This DIY water filtration system can be made for right around $35, and it works great.

This video shows how to make and use the home made Berkey type water filtration system. This one is made for less than $35 in parts and you will see that it will turn the nastiest of Oklahoma water in to clean SAFE drinking water in a reasonable amount of time.

This system is NOT super fast (yet…give me time) but it will clean 5 gallons of drinking water in about 24 hours. You can always make several of these to filter more water.

This DOES NOT make water drinkable without boiling or adding chlorine or bleach, however in a pinch it would beat drinking it straight out of the river. This works GREAT and is SOOO much cheaper than the store bought systems that do the same thing.


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  • William Keen

    Why don’t you put the bleach into the dirty water and let it set before you filter it? It seems to me that it would preserve the filter a lot more if there was no contamination in the filter chamber.

  • William Keen

    Why didn’t you buy the Berkey Black Candle filter? That one uses silver for killing germs and viruses.

    How about a spigot for the filtered water bucket? Wouldn’t that be much simpler to use?

    Most filters need to be ‘rinsed out’ with the first use or you will get the ‘loose fillers’ from the filter. The Carbon will produce a ‘cloud’ in the first water.

    I purchased a B0102 Kit from homespun Environmental

    It has all the parts to make a homemade ‘Berkey’ (less buckets) for $25 + S&H & taxes. This filter is called a 4″ x 4″ and is faster than the candle.

    Full instructions are included.

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