How To Make A Metal Can Solar Heater That Produces 140 Degree Air Flow Even On A Cold Snowy Day. Easy Instructions


Imagine being able to make a metal (steel, or tin can) solar heater that throws off a steady, and dependable airflow of up to 140 degrees F. This easy to make and low cost solar heater does just that.

This steel can solar heater will help reduce your heating bill, and will keep you warm and toasty on those cold winter days.

We love this version of of a DIY solar heater, and we think you will as well.

This homemade “Steel Can” Solar Air Heater is made with STEEL CANS. It produces consistent flow of hot (140F+) air. video provides full instructions on how to build it.

This thing moves a LOT of hot air. The air enters through vents at the bottom of collector and is heated as it’s pulled up through all seven columns of cans.

The fan also draws heated air from the airspace surrounding the cans. All the cans are either soup or vegetable cans. Please make sure to refer to the notes below the video after watching it.

One 9 foot piece of wood makes the frame. Remember, they call it a (1×4) but it’s actually 3/4″ thick by 3 1/2″ wide. Insulation is cardboard (store-bought insulation board can be used as well).

The glass is a 20″ by 32″ inch piece of plexiglass. Fan is a ‘polar typhoon’ computer cooling fan. Aluminum duct is 3″ diameter. Use a 5 watt solar panel (or larger) to power the fan.

Slightly smaller panel will work but the fan may not run at full speed with a panel smaller than 5 watts. Other details:

Use a 2.5″ hole saw to cut hole in back of collector. Use 1/4″ drill bit to drill holes in the cans. Put the cans in upside down (bottoms up), use standard flat black spray paint, and remember to seal it up for permanent outdoor installation. Source

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