How To Make A Steel Can Rocket Stove – New Design

Here’s a new design for an old friend the DIY rocket stove. This is a BIG can stove that will cost you less than $5 to put together.

What’s really nice about this is you don’t need any special tools to make this rocket stove, and it contains it’s own pot stand. For the price, and simplicity you can’t beat it.

All you need to make this steel can rocket stove are 3 cans of different sizes (explained in the video) some dirt, and gravel.

The stove is fueled with leaves, twigs, small sticks etc.  This rocket stove is a super efficient way to cook as all the heat from flame goes directly up underneath pan. It is also wind, light, and rain resistant.

TIP: the best source you can find for the largest metal can (now that large metal coffee cans are hard to find) is in the grocery isle that sells hominy/menudo.

Both are often sold in very large cans. Large can of hominy only cost $2.99). *I experimented with “4 post” and “8 post” designs (the thinking being that the 8 post design would burn stronger due to more air flow). The result is they seem to burn equally strong.


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