How To Make A Strop That Will Keep Your Blades Razor Sharp For Under $5

Having blades that are razor sharp could be important in a survival situation. You can go out and buy a strop for around $20, or you can make your own for less than $5 (the cost for some epoxy).

You will also need an old belt, and a paint stick. The stop you will be making is super easy, and at less than $5 is quite a deal. Follow the easy directions in the video below, and you’ll have your own DIY strop that will keep your blades razor sharp.


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  • Al

    The strop strap thst your making is a good strop but to make it better find a piece of cotton webbing and glue it to the other side if you use the cotton webbing first it will make the leather side easier to use and you’ll get a better edge on the item your sharping. An added bonus if you use a polishing compound like Simi chrome on both the leather and the cotton webbing it polishes the blade for less resistance when cutting and it stays sharper lonnger. To tune up the blade use the leather side a couple of swipes and your back to the razor sharp blade.

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