How To Make A Tin Can Cooking Stove – Great For Survival Use, Or Camping


This survival, or camping stove could save you some money, and space. You don’t have to haul around one of those expensive stoves once you know how to make one of these.

This version of a survival tin can cooking stove is actually very clever, and simple to make. We haven’t seen this design before. All you need besides the tin can is some aluminum foil, and something to cut the tin can with.

If you have something to cook up but don’t want to pack an expensive cooking stove this tin can cooking stove will do the trick. The video will show you the simple step by step instructions.


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  • richard

    It was a cute stove idea.and if you was in a true survival situation may be the way to go.I still prefer my first Gen svea 123 any day,if I had my choice I wouldn’t leave home without it,but if I got caught in a bad way,this may do it if I couldn’t dig a Dakota fire hole or make a sweedish torch.i will always Encourage people to keep makeing new stoves.we got alot of pop can stoves I feel need some massive working on that a big thanks to you boys for this vid and i hope to see more of yall here.keep surviving

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