How To Make A Waste Oil Burning Stove Heater. Now You Can Get FREE Heat From Your Waste Oil

Making use of your your waste oil to get free heat makes perfect sense. After you learn how to make this waste oil burning stove heater you will be able to keep warm on those cold, frosty nights and be able to do it for FREE.

So, stop throwing out that used oil, and save it for heating.

No need to to ever throw out your used oil once you learn how to make this waste oil burning stove heater. This stove heater burns all types of oil such as gear, vegetable, engine, hydraulic, transmission, and more. Watch the video to see how this stove heater is made.

Video #1

Video #2

Video Notes:

Get free heat from waste oil with Ozzirt type stove conversion. Very easy project to build.
Works very well with tons of heat output and a very clean burn. Measurements and full description of the build given in the video. To see how I light it from cold click on video #2 above

Required for project:
*10 inch car brake disk preferably unventilated.
*An 8 inch cast iron pot / stainless pot or similar.
*8 inches of heavy wall weldable 6 inch pipe or flue. This is drilled 2 inches above the weld line with a row of 10mm holes all the way around the pipe spaced 1 inch apart. Repeat at 4 inches above the weld line and drill another row of 10mm holes.
A stove or barrel or similar to act as the heat chamber.
A chimney of 3 or more metres of flue.
Some oil line and a gate valve or needle valve.
Good Luck.



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  • Gunny

    Thank you so much for your post. I have an old wood buner stove I salvaged out of an old farm house that I was trying to figure out how to use it to heat my shop. You have solved that problem. All I will have to come up with is the pot and a six inch pipe. Great demo, thanks again.

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