How To Turn A Propane Tank Into An Amazing Tiny Wood Stove

Being able to take a old propane tank and turn it into a tiny wood stove is a great idea. It was designed to heat tiny houses, but of course could be used as an excellent space, or small room heater.

We like the idea of being able to save the planet a little by taking as used propane tank instead of throwing it away. This not some ugly old thing that looks horrible in your house either. As you’ll discover it looks quite nice.

You could make several of these tiny wood stoves and place them in several rooms for additional heat.

This little wood stove was built from an old propane tank. The tools you’ll need to construct your tiny wood stove are of course a used propane tank, a metal grinder, some way to cut the steel (we used an air compressor and cutoff blade), a sheet of steel for the top plate and a welder.

Whenever you’re using anything with fire, extreme caution must be used. If you decide to build and use something like this, do it at your own risk.

Once the fabrication is complete, paint it with a couple coats of high temperature paint. The video below will show you exactly how to make your tiny wood stove.


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