Lesson Learned: Hitler Survivor Warns Not To Give Up Your Guns And To Buy More.

In this outstanding presentation 84 year old Kitty Werthmann a living survivor of Nazi controlled Austria reveals some startling similarities between the Obama administrations actions and that of the Nazi movement.

Things such as redistribution of wealth, to the nationalization of health care to gun confiscation and other issues. Listen to this wonderful presentation by a person who lived under Nazi Socialist Hitler’s regime.

It is very scary, he nationalized the banks, took over the auto industry, required mandatory youth education and more. It all sounds very familiar.

This should make every American stop and think about what is going on in our country.

These are scary times we live in, and if we don’t recognize the mistakes from the past we will repeat them.

Watch this amazing video of 84 Kitty Werthmann as she reveals many similarities between Nazi controlled Austria, and the Obama administration.


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