100 Survival, And Prepper Items You Can Buy At The Dollar Store For A Buck – Who Says Prepping Has To Be Expensive?

Sure, survival, and prepping items can be expensive. However if you are smart, and know where to shop you can pick up many of those items for a dollar, or less.

We’ve found the place, it’s called the dollar store. You won’t believe all the survival/prepping items you can purchase.

We found a list of more than 100 of those items and wanted to share them with you. Here is a list of over 100 survival, and prepping items you can purchase at your local dollar store for $1.

We suggest you start loading up before the cats out of the bag. Be sure to check out the outstanding video we’ve included.

1.8-quart dish pans. For off grid dish-washing. You’ll need three dishpans. One for a water rinse, one for warm soapy water, and one for bleach rinse (one capful for the pan).

2.Pain Reliever. For your medicine cabinet and Bug-Out-Bag.

3.America’s Almanac. Available seasonally, the almanac provides useful tidbits of information and a spring planting guide.

4.Automotive Repair Kits. Hose clamps, zip ties, extra fuses, and many other useful gadgets for you.

5.Baking Soda. Useful for many different applications

6.Baking tins. Many preppers choose a steel baking tin for cooking in their do-it-yourself camping equipment, particularly the bread size is popular for bug out bags. We’ve also seen preppers file down a cooling rack to create grill to fit into a bugout bag. I have even seen mechanics and technicians use muffin pans to separate nuts and bolts.

7.Bandages. Buy different sizes, and make sure to look for quality brands.

8.Bandannas. Preppers have dozens of uses for bandannas. If you’re lucky enough to find them, get them.

9.Bars of Soap. These can be used for cleaning. Soap bars can also be cubed and used for bait for catfish.

10.  BIC Lighters. Have extra firestarters on hand. Ideal for starting fires in high wind conditions, when matches just won’t do.


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11.  Bottled and Canned Foods. Salsa, pickles, olives, asparagus, peppers and anything else you can think of.

12.  Bottled Water. Why pay more than a buck for water? Look for Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water by the jug or bottles.

13.  Brown Sugar. Look for Domino or C&H pure cane sugars.

14.  Bungee Cords. Often an overlooked item, but ideal for bugging out to strap equipment.

15.  Camping Fuel in a Can. Canned fuel is available seasonally or online.

16.  Candles. Emergency candles come packed 6 and each last for 5 hours, look also for jar candles and tea light candles. These can be used for light, heat, and as fire starters

17.  Canned Heat. Available seasonally, Canned Heat is just a dollar!

18.  Clothesline for the wooden clothes pins. Paracord is a better material, but this works in a pinch, and will last nearly as long.

19.  Brushes and Combs. Think of brushes and combs as bartering or replacements.

20.  Compact Mirror. Useful as a signaling device, or as a standard mirror.


21.  Condiments. These include mustard and ketchup. Look for the brands without high fructose corn syrup

22.  Cookie Tins. Useful for making your own home-made charcoal.

23.  Cordage. Look for braided cord that you can break down into smaller strands.

24.  Cotton balls and cotton rounds. Useful in your first aid kit and for fire-starting when used with petroleum jelly.

25.  Dental Floss & Tooth Brushes. These can be used for Hygiene, cleaning those hard-to-reach areas (toothbrushes), and as twine (floss).

26.  Dish Towels. You’ll need more than you think for cleaning up in a life off grid. Buy a plastic container and fill it up! Look for super absorbent car towels as well.

27.  Disposable Razors. These are great to have for shaving, and for emergency surgery preparation.

28.  Drop Cloth. Plastic drop cloths for sealing windows and doors on concern of pandemics, also has a myriad of camping uses. Unfortunately, there is a limit of 4 per person.

29.  Duct Tape. Seen multiple times on the MythBusters TV show, this versatile item is a must have for your bug-out-bag, vehicle, purse, backpack, or anywhere else you can think of.

30.  Ear plugs. Ear plugs for discreet comfort while manning firearms. They also have the added benefit of letting you sleep comfortably when there is someone who snores nearby.


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31.  Elastic hairbands. These will last you much longer than rubber bands.

32.  Elastic support bandages. Look for latex-free spandex

33.  Epsom Salts. Great for soaking your feet after a long hard day on guard duty.

34.  Eyeglass cleaning cloth. Eyeglass cleaning cloths are also for sunglasses!

35.  Eyeglass repair kit. Eyeglass repair kit.

36.  Feminine Hygiene Products. We used tampons in the Army to seal bullet holes. We also used pads as makeshift bandages. All this, despite their normal function.

37.  First aid tape. for use with gauze.

38.  Flashlights. There are many inexpensive options for flashlights at the dollar stores and it’s essential to have extras throughout your home, so long as you can maintain the batteries!

39.  Foot Powder, Body Powder, Baby Powder: These are great for personal hygiene

40.  Funnel: Useful for canning, and food storage.

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41.  Garbage Bags (30 Gallon Size): These can be used for garbage, storage, emergency shelters and ponchos

42.  Gardening and work gloves. For tending to your crops, collecting wood and other chores.

43.  Gauze. For your first aid kit, available in different sizes.

44.  Gum. Where else can you get for or five packs of gum for a buck? Look for gum that contains real sugar.

45.  Hairbrushes. It’s always good to have extras.

46.  Halls Cough drops. For your medicine kit

47.  Hand Crank Radio. This can help keep you entertained, as well as keep you in constant communication with the Emergency Broadcasting System

48.  Hand sanitizer. Unfortunately, most of the stock comes from China, but hand sanitizer is a necessary for survival and it comes inexpensively at the dollar stores!

49.  Handkerchiefs. These can be used for cleaning. You can also soak them and use them as a head covering, or around your neck to help cool you off. They can also be used for first aid.

50.  Hard candies. Useful to boost morale and provide energy burst for your bug-out bag.

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