How To Make Your Own Nut Cracker Machine – Shell A 5 Gallon Bucket Of Walnuts In Just 5 Minutes…Awesome Idea Here!

How would you like to be able to shell a 5 gallon of bucket of walnuts in 5 minutes or less? With this DIY nut cracker machine you’ll be able to exactly that, and more. By hand the same job would take you over 8 hours.

This DIY nut cracker also works on Almonds, Walnuts (English or Black), Pecans, Pistachios, Peanuts, Brazil nuts, Hazelnut, Chestnut, and virtually any other hard shelled nut.

Eating nuts is very healthy, and best eaten in their raw form. It’s a pain to shell nuts by hand, so let’s learn how to make that job easier by making your own nut cracker machine.

Your nut cracker machine can be set to only exert a specific amount of force distance as to not destroy the meat. Works great on any hard nuts. Watch the video now for the instructions.






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  • Ken Brown

    I love your machine, and built one myself. However I simplified it greatly by using a piece of 4 inch square pipe, welding a gate hinge to the outside edge and the adjustable plate, drilling an inch and three eighths hole all the way through, (to insert the crusher through) and gluing my two skate wheels to the outsides of the square pipe for the bearings, thus reducing several steps in your construction. It works great! Thanks for the start. Everyone I’ve showed it to has been very impressed! I have given the credit to you and your YouTube video. Thanks again, Ken Brown

      • Ken Brown

        I’d charge $150 for the finished assembly, plus shipping. I use my 3/8 inch cordless Ridgid drill to power it, and it works GREAT! Comparable units sell for $350 or more! Contact me at 325=668=7393

      • Ken Brown

        I’ve responded to your request for a nutcracker before, but received no additional information from you. If you’re still interested, please contact me at the previously mentioned phone number;325-668-7393 Thank You. Ken Brown

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