The Nitty Gritty Behind The Affordable Heath Care Act – Will You Be Paying More Or Less For Your Insurance?

With the end of the year fast approaching many people are wondering how the affordable health care act will really affect them. Like it, or not there are some things you really need to know.

We searched for, and found an unbiased look at it. the hard facts supported by the math and how the insurance companies operate and calculate premiums. In this short presentation you will find out if you will be likely to pay more, or less. Most studies which confirm that rates in general have gone up since the inception of Obamacare.

It all comes back to the old adage that you can’t get something for nothing and since insurance companies are in the business for profit just like every other business, covering all the new costs must result increased rates for someone,  Who exactly is paying the bill is debatable but someone is paying for the added cost.


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