Here Are The States Most And Least Likely To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse. Where Does Your State Rank?

Zombies are all over the place these days. We see them in movies, on TV, and heck, some people probably even dream about them. Will we ever face a Zombie showdown, and if we do, who is most likely to survive it?

In this post we reveal which states have the best chance to survive a showdown with the zombies, and which states are likely to get eaten alive.

Here’s how it was decided which states would survive, and which would not. Make sure to check out the video below.

  1. Active Military Personnel:  States with more soldiers per capita means states with more people who are physically fit, trained to fight, and have access to weapons.
  2. Military Veterans: Percentage of veterans per capita is a solid way of measuring fighting experience.
  3. Physically Active:  States with residents who rarely get out of their Laz-E-Boy will not escape the zombie menace=.
  4. Martial Arts Enthusiasts:  Hand-to-hand combat is an important skill when the ammo runs out (source—percentage of Facebook users who listed “martial arts” as an interest).
  5. People with Survival Skills: In the long run, knowing how to survive without modern conveniences in a collapsed society will be critical (source—percentage of Facebook users who listed “survival skills” as an interest).
  6. People with Knowledge of Zombies:  To know your enemy you must know their ways (source—percentage of Facebook users who listed “zombies, Resident EvilZombieland, and The Walking Dead” as interests).
  7. Laser Tag Enthusiasts:  Yes, laser tag. Few things prepare you for a zombie attack in enclosed space (source—percentage of Facebook users who listed “laser tag” as an interest).
  8. People with Guns:  Shooting a zombie in the head is really the best way to defeat a zombie, and to do that you need a gun.
  9. Obesity:  The obesity epidemic will yield to the zombie epidemic because the obese will struggle with running away from zombies. It’s really very simple.
  10. Paintball Enthusiasts:  Those who can slink around the woods unnoticed while splattering their enemies with paint will find success shooting zombies in nature (source—percentage of Facebook users who listed “paintball” as an interest).
  11. Triathletes:  When everything breaks down, running, swimming, and bicycling will be ideal ways to escape zombies  (source—percentage of Facebook users who listed  “Iron man triathlon” as an interest).


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From the rankings, we discovered these surprising truths…

  1. Delaware is an island of survivors in the zombie-strewn hellscape that will be the Mid-Atlantic.
  2. Florida, where the zombie apocalypse (like all serious problems) will no doubt begin, is oddly not in 51st place.
  3. Wisconsin can now make fun of Minnesota and Michigan about something other than the Green Bay Packers standing in the NFC North.
  4. New Jersey and Mississippi routinely end up on the bottom of lists. All lists.
  5. Rural states offer favorable survivability.
  6. Something’s wrong with Nebraska.
  7. Utah loves laser tag.
  8. The West Coast and the South will eventually agree on something—the delicious appeal of brains.

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  • John

    You’re crazy. The south is full of people who love their guns. They’ll survive. They know how to use them.

  • Wally

    Using Facebook for statistics is only slightly ridiculous. The measure of error is gotta be in the 50% range. People don’t put a lot of information there because of spam.

  • Roger McFadyen

    I live in the south, North Carolina to be exact. I totally disagree with the author’s assessment of this region of not being able to survive an apocalypse. For example, NC hosts more military posts, retired military personnel and families than any other state in the country. True Carolinians’ veins run blood of their forefathers who came from Scotland, England, Germany and native Americans,to name a few. We are fighters, not runners and can survive anything thrown our way. We were taught to live, even without FEMA or any other federal agencies. Carolinians are the first to help others in need. We survive hurricanes and other catastrophes. We’re farmers, hunters, survivors.

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