How To Build A DIY Solar Heater With Recycled Cans

Constructing a solar panel heater out of aluminum cans is not as crazy as it sounds. These solar heaters have been referred to as green energy and recycling all rolled into one package. These unique heaters are very inexpensive, and quite efficient to boot.

This solar air heater can be installed outside the house in a location that receives a lot of sun. The thought is to pull in air close to the floor in a house, and run it through the heating panel which consists of multiple rows of recycled cans.

The air is directed into the same room close to the ceiling. The can are stacked, and due to the holes that are in both ends which permits the air to pass inside them as the outer part of the can gets hot via the sun.

We’ve included two versions for you. Check them both out, and use the one you like best.

Here’s another more modern version that is worth taking a look at.

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