PART 2-More DIY Things You Can Do To Cut Your Electric Bill In Half.

In a previous post we revealed some DIY things you can do to cut your electric bill in half. Turns out it was pretty popular, so we wanted to continue with some other ways to reduce your electric bill by as much as 50%.

In this video you will learn how to properly main the “Big 3” electricity users in your house. If you take care of these 3 things, and properly maintain them you will be on your way to bigger saving on your electric bill.

Follow the DIY tips in this video for properly caring for, and maintaining the big 3 electric guzzlers in your home, and you start saving even more money on your electric bill. In case you missed the first video click here to see it.

“Do This To Bring Any Old Battery Back To Life – Just Like New”
Watch The Video Below Now And See How It’s Done.

old batteries


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  • David Fox

    Hi,just thought i would ask you a little advice !!.I live in the philippines and have a small beach Resort renting beach huts in season.We have 2 !/2 hp well pumps and 2 Fridges.All the lights are led bulbs.Any idea how to reduce the electric bill,as the cost tiples when we have the showers all going.Would it be worth going Solar ??.

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