10 Basic Survival Skills You Need To Master Before SHTF

How you respond to a disaster, or survival situation will go a long way in determining if you, or your family will survive. If you live on planet earth it’s an inescapable fact that at some point you will face a natural, or man made disaster of some kind.

You may have your food storage in place, your bug out bag handy, and BANG you’re hit with something you didn’t expect. This is where having the right skills may end up saving you, and your family. In this post we take a look at 10 must have survival skills.

You may get separated from your food storage, and other survival supplies, but you will not get separated from your skills if you have them.

1. Learn how to grow food and or find it Disasters can change everything in an instant. You may be well prepared to survive indoors but what if you are forced to survive outdoors without any supplies? This is where self sufficiency with acquiring food becomes a necessity. Growing food for your family as well as the hunting and gathering approach are the best skills to learn to keep you and your family from starving when surviving outdoors.


2. How to find water and purify it. This is the most important skill everyone should learn in order to survive. As we all know it is impossible for us to survive without water so it is important to understand the importance of knowing how to get and purify water. You need to realize that unless your water source is a spring chances are your water supply will run out and you need to find an alternative source. Knowing how to purify your drinking water is also very important to ensure that it is clean and potable.


3. Learn the art of clothing repair. You need to master this skill as clothing is one of the most important elements when surviving. From basic sewing to making clothes from bolts of cloths or leather it is important to master this skill to help ensure your chances of survival.


4. Learn basic grooming skills. Basic grooming skills are very important to learn to keep your family clean and healthy in a survival situation. Keep in mind that being healthy is one of the most important factors in ensuring you and your family’s survival.


5. Learn first aid. During a disaster situation you cannot expect to get medical professional help so it is important to know how to treat yourself and others as it will be your only chance in a emergency situation. Every household or group should have a good first aid manual and kit before and during a disaster situation.


6. How to start and maintain a fire. This is one of the most essential skills you need to learn in order to ensure your survival either indoors or outdoors. Learning how to start a fire and have it going when you need it can mean the difference between life and death in a survival situation. Fire can be used to cook food and purify water not to mention keep you and your family warm ensuring your chances of survival.

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