16 Expensive Survival Items That Were Discovered At Pawn Shops, And Flea Markets

Unless you believe the end of the world is happening tomorrow and you aren’t quite prepped like you want to be you might be inclined to over pay for your survival gear.

If on the other hand you believe we’ve got some time before the collapse we’ve got some great info on where to get really good survival gear at bargain prices.

You Need To Know How To Work The System

Pawn shops, and flea markets offer you the chance to pick up some great survival gear if you know how to work the system, which is what you’re going to learn in this post.

Heck with what you’re going to learn you could even buy, and then resell some of the survival gear on Ebay, or Craig’s List.

Look At These Expensive Survival Items That Were Discovered At Pawn Shops, And Flea Markets For Next To Nothing.

Until recently, I managed a pawn shop. The information I have pertains to corporately owned pawn shops. The corporate mentality and pressure leads these companies to put bonuses over what’s best for the business on a regular basis.

Imagine a divisional manager putting pressure on the regional manager who puts pressure on his district managers who each, turn around and pressure their store managers to hit their numbers… no matter what. This means that the last 2 to 3 days of the month… deals can be had.

So, first… let me give you the skinny on how pawn shops operate. They either buy an item or loan on it. If they are buying it… they will try to get it cheap. They won’t usually pay more than half of what they think they can sell it for. There are always exceptions, like guns and jewelry.

But, when it comes to everyday goods like tools…They try to maintain a 50% to 60% cost of goods sold. On high ticket items like, guns and jewelry… they’ll pay more, and they will loan even more. When they are loaning on an item, they will loan more on it than they would be willing buy it for.

Now is the time to get some deals. Form a relationship with him and he will gladly lose money on aged merchandise for you, and settle for a low profit on some newer items. I visit 5 stores on the last day of the month.

Here are some items I have bought and sold to customers at the end of the month:

    $100 aluminum long gun case for $10
    New chimney sweep brush for $2
    New $400 generator for $175
    $60 sump pump for $10
    Electric chain saw for $10
    Gas chain saw for $25
    Post hole digger for $1
    Shovels for $1
    Garden rakes and Hoes for $1
    Multiple fishing poles for $3 to $10
    $350 mountain bike for $100
    $30 DeWalt drill bit set for $5
    Multiple knives for $1 to $10
    Good flashlights for $3 to $10
    Benchtop drill press for $30
    Ryobi like new scroll saw for $30

To see the full article “Pawn Shops and Flee Markets as a Source for Low Cost Survival Preps” and learn more about how to get cheap, and low cost survival gear go to: TheSurvivalistBlog.net



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