No More Freezing In The Winter Cold With This Simple, Cheap To Make DIY Air Heater

I hate the freezing cold weather. The only place I like to see snow is on TV! If you are like most people you probably don’t like being cold either. Because heating cost are expensive you could be hesitant to use your heater as much as you’d like.

Enter The Homemade Jumbo Stack Boot Air Heater

This heater is awesome, is an easy build ( even for the non handy person), is very cheap to make, and it works great. It’s also very inexpensive to use.

Granted it’s not designed to heat an entire house, but it does a great job of keeping an average size room warm, and toasty. You could make several of these stack boot air heaters for several rooms.

Homemade air heater! – The Jumbo “stack boot” air heater!

Easy DIY. simple to make. This room/space heater reaches high temps quickly and has a high airflow rate.

It maintains a consistent flow of hot air and heats fast! It basically works by focusing and redirecting the heat – turning the “vertical heat stream” into a “horizontal heat stream” then pushing the air into the living space (where it can be felt vs. the heat just rising straight to the ceiling).

The burner runs quiet and burns smooth (no odor or smoke). *burn time per fill-up varies but running the heater “off and on.” You can heat an area for 3 hours per fill-up (approx. 4oz) using 70% isopropyl alcohol. only a few items needed to build it. Watch the video now.

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