They Laughed When I Showed Them My Simple Homemade Air Purifier – But When I Turned It On…

Will this contraption really work someone whispered? “Hell no” Jack exclaimed “it’s just to simple, and he’s never built a thing in his life”.

The moment of truth arrived and I flipped on my homemade air purifier. You should have seen the stunned look on their faces when they realized how good it worked.

How To Make A $800 Air Purifier For Under $20…Proof That It Works

Okay, now that we’ve got your attention we want you to know that this homemade air purifier is THAT GOOD, and it’s the real deal. It will remove up to 97% of all pollen, dust, mold, bacteria, smoke, smog…

The list is almost endless. works as well (or better) than expensive systems costing $800-$2500. You can make this for under $20.

We Didn’t Say It’s As Good Looking As One Of Those Expensive Purifiers. But It Works Just As Well.

If you don’t believe us you can check check a “data filled” site that will back up these claims.

This is a super easy DIY project even if you are not handy. So if you can’t afford to buy an expensive air purifier  build one! As we mentioned this homemade air purifier will get rid of up to 97% of all pollen, dust, mold, bacteria, smoke, smog…

If this sounds to good to be true it’s all backed by recent studies. check a “data filled” site called for detailed studies, comparison tests etc. I used a “merv 4” dust filter and a merv 8 dust/allergen filter. (they go as high as merv 13+ for smoke and smog removal.).

The dust filter alone removed all of the visible dust from several rooms in my home in only 20 minutes. approx cost: $1 to $20 (depending on whether you have a box fan already).

Note: Most newer fans don’t have brushes in them so it doesn’t matter if the fan motor has to work a little harder.

Give This Thing A Try For Gosh Sakes…The Instructions Are FREE

Watch the video for the easy to build details, and let us know how you like it.


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  • william wolstenholme

    This is by far the BEST idea i have seen on the internet.i mean it is sooo simple !that

  • Richard d Peterson

    Only issue i see here is in its design. I will help clean some of the air but in order to be valuble it needs to have 100 percent of your air passed thrpugh the filter or else your only cleaning air cauvht by the fan. Its deff a sound idea. And will be usefull in areas with poor air. But its application could be expanded. How can this be deployed in a fashon to clean any and all air entering your dwelling? Its a good step in a good direction though

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