Unique Armageddon Response Bag – A Survival Kit For Life’s SHTF Moments

Most preppers and survivalists have a bug out bag lying around in case a disaster strikes. It’s there, but it doesn’t get used. We discovered a pretty clever idea from a prepper who has what he calls an Armageddon Response Bag. A survival kit for life’s crises as he refers to it.

What makes this unique is that his actually used quite a bit to enhance his life, or to make things suck less when things are bad. There are some pretty cool ideas presented here that you may want to think about adapting for your use.

The bag you carry to make your life’s situations suck less! There are some pretty helpful insights presented here.

“How To Make The Ultimate Survival Food.
This Food Will Literally Last A Lifetime Without Refrigeration.”
Watch The Video Below Now To See How It’s Made

survival video

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