Weird Homemade Tool That Lets You Get Rid Of Weeds At Walking Speed

It’s about that time of year when those nasty weeds need to be removed. It’s not something that I personally relish or look forward to. However thanks to a weird homemade device getting rid of those weeds is not so much of a daunting task as it used to be.

In fact once you make one of these weed removers you can actually remove those weeds at walking speed. Who knows, you might even look forward to the task.

This weird DIY tool is known as the stingray because of the way it looks. As you will see in the following video it gets rid of weeds efficiently, and easy.

Once you get the hang of using “the stingray” you can get rid of those weeds at walking speed.

We’ve included an article about an easy way to get rid of weeds below the video that we thought you might find interesting. Watch the video now for the instructions.

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Recycle Paper – An Easy Way To Get Rid Of Weeds

Weed control is an important task in your garden decor. They not only steal nutrients from your plants but it is also unsightly. When your garden appears exuberant with water fountains and wind chimes, weeds are a dark patch to it. People often try hand weeding but that is too time-consuming whereas, chemical weeding is harmful to environment. By recycling paper material or cardboard, you can certainly get rid of weeds once and for all.

No chemical or expensive weed control and you can still get rid of those undesirable plants. Another big advantage of employing paper for controlling weed is that they decay and ultimately become a part of soil. The big question is where you can find that much paper?

Many people are not using newspapers anymore. You can get loads of free newspapers just by placing ads in some local Craigslist. As for shredded paper you can contact some offices or other sources. Also, saving flyers from your mail can make a good source of free paper.

The belief that ink and gloss in newspaper is toxic to plants is not always true. There are currently some dyes made that are eco-friendly and not toxic to plants. Even if the dyes can have some potential risks you are not using amounts that can really harm the plant. To employ newspaper for controlling weed, you first have to excavate all weeds and unwanted plants out of the area where you would do planting. Next up is stuffing five layers of newspaper and biodegradable mulch.

In case you are recycling shredded paper for controlling weeds, it is a good idea to dampen it a little first. This makes it easy for you to cover all bare spots with shredded paper. After laying paper or some cardboard material, start piling shredded paper two inches in depth and dump other layers of paper along with other sort of mulch.

As for cardboard boxes, they can easily be obtained from a grocery store or as leftover packaging material. It works best when you have a bigger patch. Also you do not need to get rid of grass as cardboard is sufficiently thick enough to kill it.

For top results, you must employ two beds of cardboard. Outlay the first bed, somewhat crisscrossing the fragments, then place the second coat, so that they wrap the overlapped ends, just like you place bricks. In case, you are planting within soil just beneath the cardboard, start cutting holes before that. After that you can start piling in the mulch and other organic matter. When the cardboard is present, it is sufficient to kill anything beneath it so that it never resurfaces again, and eventually become part of the soil.

By recycling these eco-friendly materials within your garden, you can control weeds and enrich the soil of your garden. You will have a perfect advantage when recycling paper under the soil of your garden. This way you can also reduce the amount of paper going in landfills. It is a fact that paper does not get decomposed in landfills as easily as it can decompose in your garden.

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We like this easy way to get rid of weeds. It makes a lot of sense. Recycling paper and getting rid of weeds is a win, win. We like the fact that this method is eco-friendly and it helps to enrich your soil.


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