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Backpacking Tips and Tricks – Essential Food and Water Tips

There are many types of backpacking tips and tricks that can be applied to every aspect of your trip. Food is something that must be considered for any backpacking trip you take. In order to have proper energy on your trip, you must properly plan your meals. By knowing a few backpacking tips and tricks, it will be easier to pack and carry your food, as well as preparing it. Deciding on the right foods can seem like a hassle, but I wanted to give you some tips on food, as well as a few on water, in order to make for a simpler backpacking experience.

Backpacking Tips and Tricks: Food

  • Food that is easy to cook and lightweight is best.
  • Canned foods are the best option. Canned tuna and chicken work well.
  • Crackers are a great alternative to bread, since it’s harder to carry.
  • Instant items, such as grits or potatoes, are lightweight and are easy to prepare.
  • Beef jerky or any other dried meat is a good choice.
  • Make use of zip lock sandwich bags. Instead of packing items still in the box, put them into a bag. They are much easier to pack than boxes.
  • Foods such as beans or granola are good sources of energy.
  • Another alternative are meals that are ready to eat. They come pre-packaged and are made specifically for backpacking purposes.

Backpacking Tips and Tricks: Water

  • Anytime you are drinking water from an unknown source you should try make sure that it is safe.
  • Water should be filtered if possible. Cheese cloth is a good suggestion for this.
  • If you aren’t going to filter, you should add a water treatment.
  • Iodine tablets are a popular water treatment. However, they do leave a funny taste in the water. Using a drink mix in the water will cover the taste.

Knowing these backpacking tips and tricks will make it much easier to plan your backpacking trip. Since food and water will be your main energy source, eating right and getting enough to drink are your top priorities.

Interested in more backpacking tips and tricks? I have found the best places to find these tips is in a backpacking book. You will be able to plan your trip from A-Z with the right materials. You want to have a great trip, right? Remember, knowledge is power! To get started planning your next backpacking getaway visit: []Article Source:


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