The Truth About Cast Iron Pans: 7 Myths That Need To Go Away

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Know More About Cast Iron Pans

Cast iron is undoubtedly versatile and a best alternative to the expensive copper clad cookware. This is an option if you are not using any cast iron materials and utensils in your kitchen. In this article, we will discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of this cast iron in terms of necessity in the our cooking habit.

Let us discover first the advantages of this kind of kitchen cookware. You should know that pans made by this metal are excellent in heat conduction as well as retention. It means that heating may be even occur over the whole surface of the pan. Thus, you can use a cast iron pan even in your stove or in oven if there is no available wooden handles on your certain cookware. Cast iron cookware and pan are known to be non-stick kitchen utensils. But then, they have to be well-cared and properly seasoned. Plus, it is also popular because of its durable property. As you may notice that the cast iron cookwares of your grandmother (which is already old) are still in good condition in cooking. One more advantage is its affordable price. Apparently, these pans are cheaper as compared to those made of copper.

Well, there are also some disadvantages behind the numerous benefits and advantages. To be exact, we could say that this kind of pan is heavier compared to others. It is also a must to have a thorough cleaning to these utensils. The reason for this is that they are prone to rust if they are not cared off. It is also an advice to wash and clean these kind of cookwares manually. Well, have them hand-washed for they are not safe in dishwasher. In short word, they need more maintenance among the others.

The life of your cast iron pan basically depends in your hands. The range of your maintenance and care will reflect to the appearance and functions of your pans. There are pans that are pre-seasoned so there might be no requirement to season it by yourself. But then, if you really need to season it, all you have to do is put or rub it with oil, lard or the like and put it inside the 300- degree oven for an hour. After that, feel free to remove it out and let it cool in the open space. To strengthen the bond of the seasoning, have the process be repeated a couple more times. You should know that seasoning has a purpose of preventing food from sticking and creates a protective coating.

Remember, never use a soap on this kind of pan. In cleaning them, you have to use a hot water and a plastic scouring pad. Well, the use of a steel wool might create damage to seasoning so avoid using it as possible as you can.

You should also know that iron is one of the reactive metals. So, avoid using a cast iron pan in cooking of acidic foods. Take in your mind that this kind of pan is excellent in keeping the food warm but not practical for a storage purposes.

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