I’ve Got To Get This Off My Chest Before I Explode

This is Jason The Good Survivalist, and I’ve got something I
need  to get off my chest before I explode.
“Please Read Every Word Of This Post”
One of the most frequent questions I get are “what does this post have to do with survival?”Some of the content we share may not on the surface appear to
relate directly to survival techniques, or skills.
However if you understand our mission statement (what we are about) it makes perfect sense.I often refer people to our about statement on our Facebook Fan Page.
Which (by the way), is where we post a lot of great videos as well as
other content.Our Facebook Page is located here.

Our about section says “The Good (Get Out Of Dodge) Survivalist
is for preppers, survivalists, and those wanting to survive life a little easier.


In Other Words

Our site, and newsletter is for survivalists, and preppers AND for those
who would like to make their lives in general a little easier.

We here at The Good Survivalist feel it’s very important to be prepared for
the worst such as a natural disaster, war, or anything SHTF related.

There are a couple of really great survival courses we heartily recommend.
Our favorite is called The Lost Ways…Survival Lessons We Have Lost To

It covers just about everything you ever need to know about surviving should
the worst happen.

We highly suggest you pick up the lost ways. Even if you decide it’s not for
you, at the the very least watch their video presentation located here.

It contains a wealth of information.you can use even if you don’t purchase it.

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We don’t  want to dwell on the worst, we just want be prepared for it. Let’s face it, there’s only so many ways you can rehash survival skills and techniques.

Constantly dwelling and worrying about “end times” is no fun, and it’s a depressing way to live.

Which Leads Me To This

“The making life a little easier part..” Life here on planet earth is tough. It’s our desire to share information with you that will also make your life, and ours a little easier.

This could include information on your health, and fitness. After all in order to survive you need good health, and fitness.

After All

What’s the sense of preparing for survival  / SHTF only to get knocked out by cancer, or some other health related disease.

Sometimes we share content related to your money (or lack of it). Let’s face it, we all need money to survive, and to be able to purchase survival gear, and food storage items, etc.We may also, and have shared in the past Do It Yourself Tips for all sorts of things including auto care, DIY tips for your home, self improvement ideas, and even the latest in technology.

All the things that can make your life easier, and enjoyable

I Think You Get The Idea

So as we move forward you can look forward to all sorts of new and interesting information including anything new in the survival, and preparedness industry.

Wishing you the best,

The Good Survivalist

This Is One Of The Very Few Survival Courses
We Totally Recommend. Even If You Think You
Know It All, Their Video Presentation Is Worth Watching
survival video

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  • Richard

    Yo Jason sorry I been out of touch it just been a bit crazy lately. I keep up with the latest posts still just won’t use fb no more. Not secure. Anything we post that’s sensitive but nessisary for survival is a risk.

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