How To Defend Against A Gun That’s Pointed At You From Up Close

Jules Courtney here again, and I’m here to talk about guns. I love guns. Guns are one of the greatest inventions ever. Period. Without my Ruger, that 10-point buck wouldn’t be staring at me while I type this for ya.

This country was built on guns, and the right to bear ‘em, and I don’t plan on letting anyone say differently. Unfortunately, this is not the reason for this article.

Guns can also be used for some terrible things. Between getting robbed or the insane amount of mass shootings happening, it is more important than even to have the ability to defend yourself from one.

This being said, you should only disarm someone if you are certain they will shoot you. So what do you do when you’re walking down the street and someone jumps out at you with a gun pointed at you?

I’ve got some key moves to show you below:

  1.     Make every effort to make sure the gun isn’t pointed at you.

My gramps used to say, “A gun that isn’t pointed at you can’t kill you.” When faced with an attacker, the first thing you should do is grab their arm at the wrist and spin it away. Twist hard, don’t be scared to hurt them. While you have their arm twisted, give a hard kick to their shin to get their mind off of the gun.

  1.     Use that energy to throw them down

You’ve got their arm twisted hard now, but don’t stop there my friend. This is where you can look like the movies.

Use that energy you have created by twisting their arm around you as you face away from where they are, and flip the gunman to the ground. It sounds hard, but trust me, with the amount of force you can generate, this is easier than you think.

  1.     Grab the gun from their hand if they still have it

Okay, you’ve got them stunned on the ground. Now you need to disarm this jerk. Twist as hard as you can to the right until you hear it pop.

This will give you a split second to grab their firearm and will keep you safe. Remember, the most dangerous part of this entire scenario is the gun, so once that is out of the picture, the worst is over.

This is the most important part, as taking the gun from them is the only way to level the playing field. If you aren’t able to wrestle it away, it can result in them maintaining control of the gun.

This scenario is a dangerous one, so I highly recommend practicing as much as possible. Even a tough guy like myself practices these moves daily.

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This could be the difference in protecting your family from an intruder, or protecting yourself from a mugging. The world is getting crazier, so don’t get left behind!

Defend, Survive, and Prosper!

~ Jules Courtney

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  • Texan

    Control the gun by grabbing the gun barrel and pushing it AWAY from your body (never across your body). Do not ever let go of the barrel. Use the gun as leverage by continuing to push it away and twisting the barrel outward and in a direction behind the gunman. The snap you hear will be the trigger finger of your assailant as it is being bent backward against the trigger guard. As your assailant begins to fall forward, maintain control of the gun and stomp down on the neck while continuing to twist the gun out of the assailant’s hand.

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