How To Protect Against Large Animal Attacks


I’m back at it again peeps, ready to spit more knowledge for ya. I’d like to jump back into self-defense after last week’s break.  So far we have gone over the 3 Second Take Down, and how to defend against a gun or knife attack.

There is only one downfall to these methods… not all attackers are human. I know a lot of my readers either live off the land, or at least hunt as often as possible, so I thought this post was absolutely necessary.

Most of you know that not all animals are warm and cuddly creatures. Some are downright vicious… approach them the wrong way, and you could end up being a nice 3 course meal (instead of the 3 course meal you were going to make them!)

Some might disagree with me. I’ve had many folks come up to me saying animals need a chance, and we shouldn’t fear them. “Jules, what about their rights?”

Well snowflake, when a Grizzly Bear is 5 feet from you, smoke coming out of its nose and something that looks like blood dripping from its mouth… I think the so called “chance” you want to give them is already over. Please, don’t make me puke with that nonsense.

These creatures are much different than us. When a person is attacking you, they usually aren’t 1,000 Lbs with claws that can rip open a big rig tank.

You need to be prepared every time you go into the woods, because the police aren’t going to be able to help you, nor will anyone hear you cry for help.

When faced with a possible large animal attack, remember the following:

• Keep your distance. Nothing says “I’m a threat” more to a wild animal than getting to close to it.

• Do not run, as this will trigger an attack response. Animals perceive fear as weakness. Showing fear by running instantly shows them you are an easy meal. So never, EVER, turn your back on the animal.

• Never lose your footing. If you end up on the ground, you may be done for. In this instance, find whatever you can to fight back.

• Banging together pots and pans, or other loud noises can scare away large predators. If you don’t have anything to make noise, wave your arms in the air and scream as loud as possible. Remember, animals can be scared off too, so don’t forget to stand your ground and make some noise!

• Stand your ground. For animals, such as cougars and mountain lions, appearing larger than them will scare it off. This makes standing your ground even more important.

I can’t tell you how many times these simple tips have saved my life. Many people I know, including great friends, have been severely injured out in the woods because they didn’t follow the most effective methods to escape an enraged animal.

By following the techniques I have laid out for you today, you can ensure your safety at home or when camping. Remember, survival is the ultimate goal, so if you have to put the attacker down, don’t think twice.

I know my friends on the left won’t like this kind of talk, but as a fellow survivalist, it is my duty to make sure you and your family stay safe when enjoying our beautiful outdoors.

Defend, Survive, and Prosper!

~ Jules Courtney

PS – I can’t emphasize enough how important these past few posts have been! If you skipped any, I HIGHLY encourage you to go back and read each one. Dangers lurk anywhere and everywhere, so make sure you are prepared!

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  • David Moore

    Having had a black bear charge, I did make myself bigger by humping up shoulders, showing my teeth, yelling, and it ran off amazingly with its 2 cubs. I’ve seen male black bears do the same.

    However, a friend of mine was not so fortunate when a grizzly bear was staring him down. There were no cubs that would make a momma want to attack. He started his humping up of shoulders and all the things mentioned to scare the bear. I think the grizzly took this as a challenge and he started full speed at my friend. Fortunately, my friend had a spray can of bear repellent that made the bear change his mind. I don’t really think that this will work with large bears such as grizzlies. But, I’ve had several instances where it has happened with me and black bears. I don’t want to meet a grizzly. Thanks for your time.

  • James Nichols

    Remember this !!!! , a Grizzly will stand up…….: can YOU Reach That High ????? I don’t Think so…..Very…BAD … Idea …in fact it’s NOT an Idea …AT ALL .

  • Sam

    I got charged by a momma wild pig with a whole here of piglets the other day that came at me out of nowhere in an orange field in central California by the foothills around 3 rivers the other day. I heard the gruntinh huff, had no idea what it was, thought it was maybe a dog or to tell if I knew, kept on going and heard it again! Then bam! Running right at me full blast mama pig and she’s pissed right down the middle of the field lane! I got more lucky than I’ve ever been i think, she came runnubg at me and I did a sorta of kick right to her head and threw myself out of the way! It was enough, she sorts changed direction, I fell on my ass and swear to god had baby pigs rub right over my ads running for mama as I lay there trying to figure out what the fuc* just happened and pull out my fixed blade survival knife hahaga. Lucky for us both she kept running, I had to change my shorts and calm down after that one lolol. Came out of nowhere, no warning. Hahaha. As a correction I SAY three rivers, itz just the larger city, it was lemon cove. I’ve never seen so many piglets abd still wonder if it was more than one momma. Happened so fast have no idea. Wish I had a body cam now

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