How To Survive A Knife Attack

Dear Patriot,

By now I’m sure you have mastered the 3 Second Take Down. If you don’t know what that is, you need to read my previous post before going any further.

In this post, I want to build off my last one to include what to do when your attacker has a knife.

Let’s face it… in just the past few weeks, several stabbings have taken place. A knife attack can be just as dangerous, or even more dangerous, than a shooting.

If you watch the news (which I recommend you don’t watch some of the “ahem” mainstream ones), you’ll see images of stabbings happening all over the country and world. Hell, there was one in Portland a couple of days before this post!

When a potential mugger comes at you with a knife, it gets up close and personal. It can be uncomfortable to think about. Being ready for a knife attack is much more mental than one might think, and this scares people.

But not anymore, my brothers and sisters!

I’m going to teach you how to elude an attack, and put that aggressor down for the count.

Now, there are two ways this can go.

  1. You get away as fast as possible, or a “flight” response
  2. You do whatever it takes to neutralize the threat, or the “fight” response.

Humans are wired in the fight or flight response mechanism, so it’s up to you to judge which response is necessary.

If you think you can take this guy on, then this article is going to ensure you will win this fight.

There are 4 steps to surviving a knife fight, so pay very close attention below. The steps listed are supposed to be all one motion, so when practicing them, be sure to do it as such.

Surviving A Knife Attack:


  • Controlling The Threat


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To gain control in this situation, you absolutely must control your time and space. The more space you have, the more time you have to react. This is how you gain control over your opponent, and will give you the most opportunities to fight back.


  • Redirect The Knife Hand


This should be the first thing you do once you have figured out your timing. The attack is going to come quickly, so make sure you keep an eye on the hand with the knife. When it happens, you can deflect him with a quick slap to his forearm or the back of his hand.


  • Strike At Their Throat


Once you have neutralized the knife momentarily, the next move is to go for a weak area. My personal favorite, like I said the 3 Second Take Down, is the throat. A hard strike to the throat will damage the attacker’s trachea, making it hard for them to breathe.

Make sure you are close enough to strike before you try this. If they aren’t close enough, don’t be afraid to move in. About an arms width away is the perfect distance. Once you are close enough, use your elbow or forearm, preferably the elbow. The elbow is solid bone, so one strike with it and you’re sure to have this commie gasping for breath.

This blow should come immediately after you have swatted away the knife hand. It should be a fluid motion, swat, and BAM! They will be stunned, and the upper hand will be yours to execute the next move.


  • Hit Them Where It Hurts


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Assuming your attacker is a male, a kick to the good ole crown jewels is sure to incapacitate them. A knee to the groin will stop even the most experienced navy seal, so don’t be scared to really put some effort into it. If they are arm’s length away, use your shin bone instead.

A kick to this area will have your attacker doubled over in pain, and since they already have a disrupted trachea, there will be almost no way they will get back up. Be sure to evaluate where the knife is. Although the attacker will be stunned from these two blows, the knife will still be a deadly factor.


  • Get Away Clean


Even though it looks cool in the movies, you don’t need to go full on karate kid once you have the attacker doubled over. Unless you have a gun on you, the best option here is to get away as fast as possible and call the good ole boys in blue. I hope you are a supporter of Blue Lives Matter, because you’re going to want the police there as fast as possible.

This method can work for anyone, and in this crazy world we live in, it may be your best bet to survive. It doesn’t matter if you are a total newbie when it comes to this stuff, it can work for anyone.

You don’t have to walk around scared anymore, like the media wants you to be.

They want you to be scared so you’ll watch them more. It’s how they work. Most of the population is at the mercy of their nightly news anchor.

But not you!

Now, you have the power to go out and know you can take down anything, or anyone, that comes your way.

My next post is going to really amp you up, so be ready for it! In the meantime, if you can’t wait, I still recommend you get this free DVD “Defeat Larger Attackers.” This DVD is revolutionary, and will teach you how to go up against the most violent criminals in the world and win every time!

You’re so much stronger than you think, and this DVD will ensure you can find their weaknesses and take them down. Hey, it’s worked for me, I watch it almost every day!

Amp up your game here

Defend, Survive, and Prosper!

~ Jules Courtney

PS – The world is against people like us, the strong willed, the patriots, the deplorables. Make sure you have the ability to protect yourself from anything, with or without a weapon. This is how you survive!

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