The Instant Knockout Technique For Self Defense

The instant knockout technique will knockout any size attacker with one well placed blow. It’s a great tool to have in your bag of self defense techniques

Many people will tell you to aim for the jaw, but that is not a good idea for several reasons. Some attackers can take a pretty good shot and come back for more.

In that situation you could be in real trouble. Another reason to NOT aim for the jaw, or face is you may miss and end up with teeth in your knuckles.

You could be in danger of a serious bacterial infection. Some attackers are pretty good at covering that area, or lowering their heads so they can take a punch on the forehead causing you to break your hand and not have the ability to land anymore strikes.

The instant knockout technique will allow you to knockout an attacker without having to worry about any of those things. Better yet, you don’t need to have Superman, or Superwoman strength to execute the technique.

For most people it is better to use open hands such as a palm strike, or other part of your hand in a street fight. You want attack soft targets, which is where the instant knockout technique comes in.

Part one of the instant knockout technique you’ll learn exactly where you want to land your strike, and why striking this particular area works so well.

You will also learn 3 ways to apply the technique in an actual self defense situation. Like anything you should practice this technique in to become proficient at it. It is simple, yet highly effective.

One caution, when practicing the instant knockout technique: be careful to not injure your partner by striking the area shown in the video. Only use this technique if your life is on the line, as it could be deadly.


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