10 Amazing Survival Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know

Here are 10 amazing survival hacks you probably didn’t know. We’re not kidding when we say amazing. This is what you are going to be learning:

Have a flashlight but only one battery? This survival hack will show you how to make it work when two are required. Maybe your power goes out, and you don’t have any candles.

Learn how you can make a candle with an orange, or grapefruit. In a hurry to make a fire? How to use a gum wrapper, and a small battery to make fire fast.

Other hacks include how to use a plastic water bottle, a piece of a balloon, and one other item to make a short range weapon (5 to 10 feet) for self defense, or maybe to capture food if you’re in the bush.

Also included are how to pick a lock with an aluminum can, make gas stove out of a soda can. Plus a few we haven’t listed. We guarantee you’ll love what you learn in this survival hacks video! Watch the video now.


Originally posted 2014-02-18 19:04:58.

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