10 Incredibly Deadly Plants-Some Of These Beauties Can Kill You In 15 Minutes Or Less

Nearly everyone is familiar with poison oak, and poison ivy. There’s no doubt that these plants can cause you some problems. However there are some truly deadly plants out there that you need to be aware of.

In a survival situation plants could make the difference as to whether you live, or die. They can feed you, or kill you, so it’s important to know which ones to avoid. You may even have some of these deadly plants in your yard right now.

These 10 plants all around as they are fairly common, however you’d never suspect they could be so deadly. They have the ability to kill a human in as little as 15 minutes, and could kill a pet in a shorter amount of time.

Have a look at the video, and after the video take some time and flip through the slide show below the for some additional info on poisonous plants. Slide #11 in the slide share presentation below the video reveals, the deadly plant that can kill a child in 1 minute, and an adult in 15 minutes.


Poisonous Plants Slideshare


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