10 Survival Tips That Could Get You Killed!-Tip #5 May Really Surprise You

We’re sure you’ve seen many survival articles. and posts on what to do in certain survival situations. What makes this video refreshing is that it shows you what survival tips are likely to get you killed if you follow them. Tip number 5 flies in the face of what has been taught in many places. We’re pretty sure that there are several other tips that are likely to surprise you.

There are many outstanding points made here. Just remember every situation is different. Try to be informed as much as possible, and use common sense. Realize that there are no guarantees in life.

Just because you are a trained expert doesn’t mean you won’t encounter a situation that you’re not ready for. If you have any other survival tips that are likely to put you in more danger than not please share them with us. Watch the video now to see the survival tips that could get you killed.



Originally posted 2014-03-28 19:43:49.

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