10 Tips That Will Change The Way You Look At Camping In The Rain

You’ve been planning that big camping trip for quite awhile now, and are all set and ready to go.

As you’re listening to the radio you here there’s now an 80% chance for rain on those same days you’re camping.

Don’t panic, and don’t cancel those camping plans. Even in the rain you can have your best camping trip ever by following these 10 camping in the rain tips.

Watch this great video and you’ll never look at camping in the rain in the same way. There’s some absolutely stunning images, and scenery along with a fantastic sound track.

Make sure to catch the article, and slide show below after you watch the video.

 10 Tips For Having The Best Camping Trip Ever, Even When It Rains

1. If you’re getting lightening watch for falling trees, and branches, in addition to the lightening. Understand the 30/30 rule.

2. Don’t be afraid to hike the trails. You’ll see many worderful sights that you normally wouldn’t see.

3. Try making a campfire in the rain, it can be done. See how to make a campfire in the rain here.

4. Use the rain as an opportunity to practice your survival/bushcraft skills.

5. Even a light, to moderate rain can turn your site into a river. Make sure to set up your camp in higher ground.

6. If you’re camping with a double-wall tent, set your rainfly up first if you can. That lets you put the tent body up under the cover of the fly, where you — and the tent’s inner wall — will stay nice and dry.

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7. Bringing a sleeping bag with synthetic insulation is a great idea. Should the bag gets wet from rain or condensation, you’ll still keep warm.  A down bag, on the other hand, will not keep you warm when it gets wet.

8. DO NOT COOK INSIDE YOUR TENT! The fumes may kill you.

9. To keep warm dress yourself in layers. Start from the inside and work out. Non-cotton underwear, non-cotton long underwear, non-cotton insulating layer waterproof shell layer.

10. Look at camping in the rain as an adventure. If you prepare properly you’ll have a great experience.


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