4 DIY Plumbing Hacks Every Prepper Needs To Know. Don’t Miss #3 How To Clear A Toilet Without Getting Your Hands Dirty

Here are 4 DIY plumbing hacks that will come in handy in a survival situation. You don’t need to wait for a survival situation however. Use them should the need arise and save yourself a few bucks.


1-Shutting Off The Water

The most basic skill every person in your home should know (not just Mom and Dad) is how to shut the water off at its source. If your pipes break and water is flooding into your home, you’ve got seconds to shut it off before you have an even bigger disaster on your hands.
Every home’s shutoff valve is located in a different place. You need to know two things:
1-Where the shutoff valve is
2-How to operate it (and where the tools to operate it are, if needed)
It’s so simple even a child could (and should) know how to do it.
Here’s a useful tip: write out (or print out) the instructions for how to turn off the water in your home and place it somewhere anyone could find it (like inside the panel for your fuse box). Source

2-Fixing Leaky Faucets Made Simple

Even if you’re not in a post-collapse situation, a leaky faucet can be a huge pain!
Fortunately, they’re really easy to fix. This Old House has a great article on how to stop faucet drips in your home (and it takes less time than you’d think).

3-How To Clear A Toilet Without Getting Your Hands Dirty

Clearing a clogged toilet is a bummer, but not being able to use it because it’s clogged is, well a pain in the ass. In a SHTF secnario (no pun intended) your plumber is not going to be available. It’s not that difficult, and you’re going to learn how to do it without getting your hands dirty in most cases.

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The video below teaches you how to unplug just about any clog. Look for our bonus tip underneath the video if all else fails. Make sure to watch the video to the end, as it demonstrates an old plumbers trick for clearing nearly any clog without getting your hands dirty.

Bonus Tip-I’ve used this tip many times myself to clear toilets, and stopped up sinks. It’s never failed me. Run your garden hose into the sink, or toilet that’s clogged. Get a large rag, (an old tee shirt will do) and your hose. Next shove your hose down the toilet bowl drain, and use the rag to form a seal around the hose so no water backs up into the bowl. Next have someone turn on the hose while you hold the hose and rag in place.

Make sure that the water is turned on full force quickly. This initial blast will clear almost any clog. If the water is flowing freely let it run for about 30 seconds. This will flush the clog entirely out of the pipes.

4-Replacing Broken Pipes Like A Pro

Replacing broken sections of pipe is not as difficult as it seems. Watch the video so you are somewhat familiar with it so if it should happen you’ll be somewhat versed in the subject.

You may want to think about storing some pipe to have on hand should your plumbing supply store be closed. A pipe threader would also be a good thing to have on hand.



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  • James Bergman

    I can honestly say that this is the first time I have heard of the hose technique. I think I will stick to using my plunger and plumbers snake. However, I do agree that everyone in the house should know where the water shut-off valve is in the house. It is surprising how many times you will have to use it. Especially when you are like me and decide to tackle your plumbing by yourself. Helpful hint. Don’t use hammers to knock out walls with water pipes in them.

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