5 Wild Claims Food Storage Companies Make

There are a lot of food storage companies out there that want your money. Some of them will say just about anything in order to get you to do business with them. In this article you’re going to learn 5 deceptive things that you need to watch out for before you purchase any long term food storage products.


Lie #1: “Our dehydrated pouched Food Storage meals last 25 years.”

The most prolific of all the lies, this one doesn’t reveal the fact that the food must be stored at 55 degrees or less at all times. The chances of you storing it at 55 degrees is extremely rare.  They don’t even put this on their web sites, and won’t even tell you on the phone.  Once you get the bucket, you will see the fine print.  Some may not even have this fact on the bucket when you get it.  Also, one Food Storage company who claims a 25 year shelf life has even admitted to me that they use the claim just to be “competitive”.

Integrity should be the first thing a company stands by, but many of these companies honestly don’t have any or very little. I have seen reputable companies offer Freeze dried food in pouches and only claim 10-12 year shelf life. That is what I look for.

Lie #2: “Our Food Storage is Non-GMO.”

If any company says that, I would specifically ask them for what certifications they have.  Then have them email you the certifications. Don’t let them say I will get back to you, demand to see them before placing your order.  If they have a USDA Organic Certification or another reputable GMO testing certification, then they have something to back up the claim. Also, this claim may not be on their web site, but if they say on the phone to you that their food is Non-GMO, immediately ask them to send you their certifications via email. Most likely they won’t have them. I have talked with a Food Storage company who claimed Non-GMO, but had no certifications.  Buyer Beware on this Claim, be sure to see the evidence.

Lie #3: “Our Food Storage is Gluten Free.”

This is mostly done over the phone, but I have seen it on some of their web sites. This claim goes a long with the Non-GMO claim, ask for certifications and make sure they are from organizations that you find reputable. Don’t fall for in-house tests or anything like it.  Ask for certifications before thinking about purchasing any of their food storage. I also recommend calling the certification companies, and talking with them about the process.  Your health could be at stake, I recommend being extremely cautious of any food storage company that claims Gluten Free.  Making Gluten Free food can be pricey, so if the prices are low or comparable to their regular meals,  I would look elsewhere.

Lie #4: “Our Pouches are nitrogen flushed and have an oxygen absorber in them, which helps them last 25 years.”

While the first part of this claim is true, the 2nd part is not. They can also say they double or triple nitrogen flush the pouches, its all marketing.  Also,Check Lie #1 for their claim of 25 years.

Lie #5: “We have Celebrity and Radio personalities that endorse our products”

These are paid endorsements and some of them are very costly endorsements. I wonder if these people have even tried the meals which they endorse, as they seem to mimick each other when the ads run.  Don’t fall for the marketing, if there is a high profile endorsement, I personally won’t buy it. Article Source


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