8 Survival Skills You Must Have

Sometimes I think people take the learning of survival skills, and preparedness lightly. It’s something that’s more of an interesting thing to learn about, but not to take any action on.
Everyday an average Joe, or Jane will find themselves in a situation where they need to use their survival skills. Learning these 8 survival skills may save your life, or the life of your family.
Survival is about more than being prepared with physical objects. Having the skills and a preparedness mentality will allow you utilize whatever resources are at hand, giving you an edge in nearly any emergency situation. Be sure to watch the video below after you read this post. It will give you some outstanding tips.
1-First Aid
Accidents happen every day, everywhere. Having a solid foundation in first aid can help you help others before professional help can be found. Books, classes and supplies can give you the knowledge to do good when it is needed.

2-Starting a Fire
Fires are not just for warmth, although warmth is a necessity in winter conditions. Fires can help keep predators away, cook meals, boil water and provide comfort in a stressful situation. In normal life situations this can seem like a less important skill to have mastered, but in a wilderness situations this is a crucial skill that is needed to stay alive.

3-Building Shelter
Knowing how to build shelter from whatever materials may be at hand can help you keep dry and warm in wet, cold conditions. Tree branches, grasses and man made materials can be used to build a cozy shelter to keep you out of the elements.

Being able to procure food is essential to survival if you are unable to reach standard supplies. Learn to set snares, build traps, fish with various lines and methods and hunt to ensure you can stay nourished in a survival situation.

In addition to hunting, foraging is a critical survival skill. Invest in a book about edible plants local to your region or find a mentor to show you what plants are safe. In a long term survival scenario, knowing how to garden will be one of the most useful skills you can obtain. To see tips 6-8 please go to DoomsdayMoose



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