Amazing Survival Knife ANYONE Can Make-This Is A Great Project, And You’ll LOVE The End Result!

If you are a survivalist you probably have knives that are more sophisticated than the one you are about to make. However you’re going to be quite pleased with the way this Ulu knife making project turn out.

If you’ve ever wanted to make a knife but never got around to it, this is a great one to begin with. It’s fun, easy and you’re going to end up with a great knife.

This Ulu knife was used by the native Americans for things such as processing fish, as well as working on large animals like seals, moose.  Although we don’t recommend it it was also used by Indians for cutting hair.

Ulu Knives and Why You Should Own One


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You probably know them better as rocking knives, they can be found in kitchens all over the world. In a nutshell, they are knives with a rounded blade that is perpendicular to the handle. This allows the user to rock the knife back and forth over the object they are cutting while simultaneously holding it in place. This gives you control and leverage, and is perfect for chopping food in the kitchen, or skinning polar bears in the wild.

Ulu Knives are nothing new; they have been around for thousands of years. Designed as an all purpose knife, they have been found to be very useful in a variety of applications. Traditionally made out of Caribou antlers or walrus tusk, ulu knives made today generally have a plastic or wooden handle with a steel blade. The size of the blade usually determines the knife’s intended use, but most ulus today have a 3-6″ blade and are used in the kitchen. The design and shape of the knife allow you to really put your body weight into whatever you are cutting, and the rocking motion allows you to chop through almost anything, including bone.

You may not need to saw through animal bone, but I’m sure you will find a use for one of these knives somewhere in your life. The small, compact size makes it handy to use and not cumbersome to store. Plus, most modern rocking knives are dishwasher safe. Use them for preparation or use them to eat your meal. They’re much easier to use than traditional utensils especially when living with arthritis.


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