Do You Have A Backup Plan To Get Out Of Dodge Fast?

Do you have a backup plan to get out of dodge should the worst happen. Imagine you’re at work and an announcement comes that some catastrophe has hit your city and you need to get home fast. Or, you need to leave your home because your being evacuated due to a fire, flood, tornado, etc.

The problem is all the roads are clogged and everyone else has the same idea. The time to start planning for such an event is now. In this article you’ll learn some tips, and ideas that may come in handy should you need to leave fast.

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Most people drive the same routes everywhere they normally go. Usually it’s the quickest route to their destination. The road well traveled. The one that everyone else takes to get to those same places. Ordinarily, this is perfectly fine.

The question is: If something happened to clog your route, would you know alternate routes to get where you’re going? Or even more important, if you had to bug-out, would you take the same route that’s most often traveled?

The answer is: Always find alternate routes to “home”, “bug out destination”, “safe spots”, etc…
How many driving routes do you know from your place of work to home?

If there’s an evacuation order, how many driving routes do you know to get out?

How many roads along these routes are major roads traveled by the majority of others?

Why is this important?

Because during a time of disaster or evacuation, you, along with most others will be sharing the same roads together, and they very well may become terribly clogged or even impassible.

We are all creatures of habit, including the routes and roads that we travel on a regular basis.

When people need to drive somewhere, they instinctively head out along the same roads that they normally travel. In a disaster situation when all these drivers may be clogging major arteries and the roads well traveled, you have the opportunity to outsmart them all, having previously planned several alternate routes — the roads that are less traveled and are off the beaten path, so to speak.

Consider the following while planning alternate routes:

Roads that are not traveled by the mainstream. This may require maps which show all streets (get those maps for your region). The route will not be a straight line, and in fact may become significantly longer in distance – however as long as you’re moving, you’re gaining ground.

Neighborhood streets and secondary roads will be largely ignored by the mainstream.

Avoid parts of routes which may bottleneck in places where other main roads or highways intersect, such as those with a major on-ramp or off-ramp to a freeway or cornering with a major route. In a disaster, people may be clogged trying to get on or off in these locations.

Roads with fewer or no traffic signal lights are those which are less traveled in general.

There are often lesser known ‘shortcuts’ through the countryside, older roads which once were main routes and have mostly become forgotten.

GPS can be very helpful, but be sure to keep street-level maps of your region and learn the routes of travel without reliance upon GPS. Memorization required.

Sheeple are predictable in many ways. If you understand that, you can plan to avoid the consequences thereof.

Get in the habit of keeping a mostly full gas tank all the time. Once you’ve established that habit, then your range should be decent enough to give you an advantage over others who may be less than half a tank (or worse). Most vehicles can make it 300 – 400 miles on a full tank, or more – depending.

Consider carrying a length of flexible tubing of sufficient diameter to siphon gas if necessary. Be aware that newer vehicles have impediments to this. You’ll need a gas can for retrieval.

While a bug-out may only be a smart move under certain circumstances, everyone (no matter where you live) should have a plan to evacuate their home area. This means having at least one (preferably more than one) alternate destinations in mind. Plan several routes to those destinations and have hard-copy maps to support your travel if you need them.

SHTF Get out of Dodge planning 1 of 2

SHTF Get out of Dodge Planning 2 of 2


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