Best SHTF Home Defense Against The UNPREPARED-How To Deal With Mobs And Riots To Defend Your Family

You’ve taken the time, and prepared for an SHTF scenario, however there are many that haven’t gone to the same trouble that you have. Those that are unprepared won’t think twice about taking your stuff, and your life if things get really ugly.

You may find yourself having to deal with mobs, and riots.

As much as you have rehearsed, and drilled for such situations the real thing will be quite different from what you expect. Many war veterans have been asked if the actual war they were in was anything like they imagined. They said that their training helped, but the real thing was far different from the way they thought it would be.

In this video you’ll find some very common sense advice in dealing with an SHTF situation where you have to defend your family from a mob, intruders, or getting caught up in a riot.

The Survival System Most People Don’t Have The Guts To Try

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Originally posted 2014-04-09 18:41:37.

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