Ex Green Beret Spills His Guts On Disaster Preparedness-Little Known Tips You Probably Didn’t Think Of

Lance Jones is an former green beret and here reveals some realistic disaster preparedness tips. We feel that this will prove to be the most useful, interesting and realistic advice about pre-disaster preparedness that you have seen for quite some time.

It’s pretty surprising that only about 93% of the population does not even have enough supplies to keep them going for even three days. What’s even more surprising is that many of those people either don’t care, or don’t think anything bad is ever going to happen. Many feel that the government will step in and bail them out.

This video is a little long (about 25 minutes), but the information is well worth it. If you’re short on time break it into several sessions, and take some notes. Lance Jones knows his stuff.


How To Help Kids In An Emergency


Originally posted 2014-03-30 02:32:49.

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