Here Are 10 Unusual Survival Tips You Didn’t Know…But You’ll Definitely Want To. #5 Is Pretty Cool

Many survival tips you read about either don’t work in the real world, or are just plain B.S. We set out to find real world survival tips that actually work. Most of these tips come from what works in the real world by real people. If you find these tips to be helpful let us know and like this post on our Facebook page.

If you have some tips to share that you’ve actually used we’d love to have you share them with our readers. Share them in the comments section, or on our FB page.

Of course this is not a comprehensive list. We are just getting started and will be adding more real survival tips as we go.

What To Do If You’re Lost Tips

1-If you ever find yourself lost in the middle of the desert, AND don’t know which direction to go, only travel at night and head the opposite direction of the suns path. You would spend less time in the sun. Of course, this depends on how fast you walk.

2-If you’re lost somewhere that is densely forested but have the means to light a fire, find a clear area and light not just one fire, but three. One fire means a campsite, but three fires are an old-school distress signal for SOS. You will be much easier to spot during air searches.

3-If you break down in the middle of nowhere, do not leave your vehicle. Not only will it serve as shelter from all the elements, but keep the following in mind – if you are there, somebody else is likely to be there at some point as well.

4-If you happen to survive a plane crash, stay with the plane. It’s a lot easier to find wreckage and debris from a 14ton aircraft, than the body of a 180lbs human.

signalingImage Source

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5-Use a reflective surface to attempt to signal passing ships/planes instead of a fire. The reflection from a 3 inch mirror can be seen as far as two and a half miles away. Also don’t just move the mirror aimlessly trying for someone to see it, aim it to where you want by using it like this:

If you don’t quite understand the image simple make a peace sign using it as a scope to point at your target. Shine the reflection light through your peace sign scope to hit your target.

In addition break any glass that will not serve any other purpose and spread it around. It should reflect pretty well to those searching by air, plus give an idea of the direction you left in case it was paramount for you to leave the site.

Wild Animal Tips

6-If you are ever in some danger with a grizzly bear somehow, act passive. Get in fetal position and do not move. You want to look as dead and defenseless as you possibly can. If you are ever in danger with a black bear, be aggressive and loud. Punch it in the nose, anything as long as its pretty much the opposite of dealing with a grizzly. And don’t get these mixed up. Remember this saying for dealing with bears “If brown get down. If black yell back.”


A sign in B.C. Canada reads something like this:

All visitors to the outdoors should carry pepper spray with them and wear bells on their feet. They should also know how to tell the difference between black bear and grizzly droppings so you can tell if they are in the area. Black bear droppings will have squirrel fur and berries in them, while grizzly shit will smell like pepper and have bells in them.

7-Don’t play dead if you run into a cougar. Some people think that cougars would react the same as a grizzly, but cougars will come after you if you play dead. They will gladly eat a dead thing. Act as loud and make yourself as big as possible using a jacket or backpack. This will scare them away.

Injury Tips

8-If you get stabbed, LEAVE THE KNIFE IN. It is plugging up whatever it just cut open.

9-Bring tampons. Seriously, they can be so useful for survival. Need a bandage to staunch a wound? How about the extremely absorbent sterile tampon?

10-Scrape bee stingers out, don’t pull them out, squeezing the stinger releases more venom. This is especially important if you are allergic to Bee stings.

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