How To Make A Fast Starting Alcohol Soda Can (Hobo) Stove For Just $2

You never know when some of your survival gear will break down, or your forced into a survival situation and you just can’t bring it with you. Having a camping stove, or burners is a nice luxury to have however it may not always be available.

Here you are going to learn how to make a fast start alcohol soda can stove for about $2.

Knowing how to make one of these soda can stoves could help you out in a jam, or just come in handy should the need arise. These soda can stoves can be used for boiling water, and cooking food.

Here’s a great way to make your soda can stove. One of the cool things about making a stove this way is that is does not need to be primed, and will start producing full heat in about 10 seconds.

You’ll get nearly 10 minutes of use per 1 ounce of fuel. In just six minutes you can have 2 cups boiling water. You can make one of these soda can stoves for a couple of bucks.

Originally posted 2014-03-27 18:54:09.

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