How Long Could We Survive If All Grocery Stores Closed Down?

If all grocery stores closed down how long could we survive? It’s something most people don’t like to think about, and many of us take them for granted. As survivalist, and preppers we know that such a thing is possible and are taking steps to be ready should something happen to that effect. The man in the following video gives us some food for thought.

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Jeremy Loveday: Three days. Nine meals each, if we’re lucky. Three days until stocked shelves reveal themselves as barren, until we all understand that resource scarcity is a cause of lack of security, and when it comes to food we cannot wait until the ferries stop running. Until disaster shocks us into action, everyone is a food activist when they are hungry.

But questions come slow to the belly full. We have outgrown this model, so it’s time to over-grow these cities with rooftop gardens, sprouting hope, giving breath to the streets, making locally grown more than the catch phrase of the week.

He saw a kale plant in the crack of the concrete sidewalk and he kept walking. She saw an urban plum tree mark the season with the juiciest fruit, and she kept walking.

Awareness is our first step in our march toward food justice. Luckily, consciousness is being cultivated in the hearts of our new urban farmers, our food-not-lawns gardeners who are turning to the earth and learning the fulfillment that food can bring when it is harvested by our own hands. Our own hands. The process itself should give nourishment not be the reason for its lacking.

But our big-box food suffers from nature deficit disorder. From your fork to pitchforks can you trace the source of your sustenance?

Every bite counts, but when it comes to food security it is more than just full bellies. It is the difference between medicine and healing, so we push roots into the earth, stand up for the land and the farmers that feed us, for the environment that needs us. To put our love of soil ahead of our addiction to oil so we can stand strong, be resilient, and live truly sustainably. Everyone is a food activist when they are hungry and the people are hungry for change.


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