Warning…This DIY Feather Spear Trap Is Intended For Survival Purposes Only. It’s Highly Effective And Easy To Build

We want to start by giving you a word of warning, please only use this feather spear trap in a survival scenario. That is it’s intended use. This is a serious trap and is highly effective especially against wild hogs, and other animals of similar size and weight.


When traveling animals most often take the easiest path. So when building the trap you’re going to look for a path that the animals are traveling and set up your trap next to the animal’s trail. This will be discussed more in the video however, it is relatively easy to spot a trail.

The feather spear trap can be built using only an ax, and a sharp knife. We also included an advanced manual on survival traps, and snares just below this video.


Originally posted 2014-04-21 03:27:47.

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