How To Make A Brick Survival Rocket Stove For Under $7. Works Great In A Survival Situation

A rocket stove is a pretty neat thing to own, but what happens when a tornado, or earthquake hits, or some kind of disaster strikes leaving all your stuff in ruins. Maybe you just don’t want to pay $124.95 for a good quality rocket stove.

Whatever the case may be you’re going to love this DIY rocket stove that you can make for under $7.

This survival brick rocket stove is very easy to make. In fact if you can stack some bricks you’ll be able to make one of these guys.

The items you will need are inexpensive (less than $7), and you’ll be able to find them everywhere even if a disaster were to strike. This is one of the easiest survival skills you will ever learn. Watch the video now and give this a try.

Below the video we’ve included plans to build a rocket stove 6 different ways all using a few simple materials.


Originally posted 2014-04-19 03:20:02.

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