How To Make A Campfire That Will Last All Night. Stay Warm, And Toasty Without Any Maintenance. This Will Save You A Ton Of Work And Let You Sleep Like A Baby

Imagine being able to make a survival campfire that will keep you warm, and toasty all night long without having to to any additional work after you get it set up and going. Believe me you will be glad you learned how to do this.

If you ever get caught out in the woods without a shelter, and fire, and think you can deal it fairly easily and keep warm you may want to think twice about what’s really involved.

If you’ve never been out in the woods without a shelter, and fire you’ll find it’s more difficult than you might think. Trying to keep warm all night usually takes a lot of work, and you don’t get much sleep. It takes a lot of wood, and normally half of you is warm, while the other half of you is cold.

We’re going to show you how to avoid all those problems. This video is about making a long term fire that doesn’t require you to maintain it throughout the night. You’ll be exited to try this on your next camping trip, or put it in your bag of survival knowledge.

Originally posted 2014-04-03 17:44:50.

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