How To Make A Great, Inexpensive Bushcraft Survival Kit

Making a bushcraft survival kit can be an expensive proposition. However after a lot of time and research we have come up with a bushcraft survival kit that you can make for $50 plus. or minus a few dollars.

The items shown in the video below are basically bigger, longer lasting items that address the needs of survival in much the same way as a pocket survival kit. Obviously prices/availability may differ in your part of the world, but hopefully this will give you a good idea of what to look for.

Please keep in mind this is a starter/ low cost kit, and things can be upgraded as you are able. Get used to using something and then get better quality when you learn. A few items additional items we would recommend adding at some point are bug spray and sting ease. Anyone who has spent a night or two out in the woods knows the pain and suffering mosquitoes cause. Some time it’s the little things that really make life hell out in the woods.

Other small items that may be included are few very small and cheap things like, fish hooks, sewing needle, Mon filiment, or high test sewing thread, cheap mylar space blanket, clear plastic painters tarp for solar still or super shelter, etc. but all in all this will get you started in making your bushcraft survival kit.

Video: How To Make A 10 Piece Bushcraft Survival Kit for $50 (give, or take)

Originally posted 2014-03-11 18:25:16.

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