How To Make A Primitive T Bar Snare Trap For Wilderness Survival

This T Bar Snare trap works just like it does in the movies. It can be used to hunt small. and mid size animals. The trap has been used for centuries, and is a favorite of survivalists because it’s a snap to make, and it’s very effective.

Should you make a bunch of them you won’t have to worry about catching food all day long. You’ll be able to save your energy for other tasks.

The T Bar Snare is made to coax potential game into putting its head into a noose. When pressure is placed on the noose, it tightens, and sets off the trap killing it’s prey. You’ll see how it works when viewing the video. Watch the video now and learn step by step how to build this incredibly simple yet effective T Bar Snare.


Originally posted 2014-04-03 18:50:25.

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