How To Make A Raised Survival Garden Bed Cheap, And Easy

In this post you’re going to learn how to make a raised garden bed. The good news is you can do it for very little cost, and they are pretty easy to make.  The cost runs about $100 for the wood.

However you can make your raised garden for even less by using cinder blocks. One advantage of using cinder blocks is you can create a taller bed. You will need about 50 + cinder blocks to make a 4 x 8 raised bed.

A lot of times with a little searching you can find used cinder blocks which are really inexpensive, or even free. After you’ve got your cinder blocks, or wood as shown in the video all you need to do is add some wood bark, branches, and some twigs. These items will be used to form your first layer.

As these things decompose they will act as fertilizer, and help retain water. If you want to get creative you can place some poles into the holes in the cinder blocks, fill the holes with sand, or gravel, and you now have a trellis that climbing plants will grow on.

The video shows how to make your raised survival garden bed with wood, but we thought you might like the cinder block angle as an option.

Video: How To Make A Raised Garden Bed

Originally posted 2014-03-01 20:53:06.

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  • Dottie Weirich

    I like your raised garden, I didn’t have the money for the wood, so I purchased a Disposable Dumpster for $29.99 . It measures 4′ x 8′ and since I only made it half of it’s height, it is about 12 – 15″ deep. I made slashes throughout the bottom for drainage. I filled it with approximately 40 bags of 1 cu yd (they were on sale 5 for $10.00 Miracle Grow) . Spread lightly 2 cu yd. bag of natural black mulch over my plants and watered. I cut four spiked ended 1×1 and hammered them down so they would help support corners. I am using 4 small pieces of Rebar to brace the sides with a 2x6x4′ on the sides. The rebar is hammered into the ground with the wood sandwiched up against the side walls, just for a little extra support. I was told it wouldn’t need it, but I felt better placing it there. Works GREAT and should last at least a couple years.
    The Dumpster is for construction / remodeling waste so it is heavy duty and holds about 3,000 lbs. Thanks again , Dottie

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